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  • Alzheimer’s Home Care

     Alzheimer’s Is a Common Cause of Dementia. Do You Have a Plan?  Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that affects memory, thinking and behavior. Eventually, the symptoms can grow severe enough to interfere with daily tasks.  In Massachusetts alone, more than 130,000 adults have Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia, according to the Massachusetts/New […]

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  • Family Caregivers Can Take a Break With Respite Care

    Respite Care Services are critical to supporting in-home family caregivers   A new study from AARP Policy Institute found that in 2021, about 38 million family caregivers in the United States provided an estimated 36 billion hours of care to adults who need assistance with daily activities. While family caregivers often feel positive feelings of […]

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  • Parkinson’s Disease Care Massachusetts – Parkinson’s Support Near Me

    Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive condition, which means there will be a progression of care needs as the disease advances. According to the Parkinson’s Foundation, the best time to learn about in-home care options is before those options are needed.   In-home care keeps people with Parkinson’s in familiar surroundings where they are happy and […]

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  • Dementia Warning Signs

    When You Might Consider Dementia Home Care Near You There are early warning signs of memory-related disease (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, etc.) to watch out for that can provide clues on whether a loved one needs a medical diagnosis.  When dementia or memory issues are involved, the signs can sneak up on families. Unlike a catastrophic event […]

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  • Memory Care Near You – Consider In-Home Memory Care

    In the United States, 5.8 million people have Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, and many remain at home, an option that’s been shown to help them stay healthier and happier and live longer, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. With the right support system in place, in-home memory care can provide safety, comfort and stability for older […]

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  • Our Top Holiday Gifts for Seniors

    Looking for the perfect holiday gifts for seniors in your life?  HouseWorks has put together a list of our top 5 gifts for seniors for the 2022 holiday season. These suggestions can help seniors stay connected with family and friends, engage in activities they love, and provide assistance to seniors with medical or dementia health […]

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  • Wellness Corner – Tips & Tricks to Help Calm the Nerves

    Ever felt nervous about a work project, a doctor appointment or being late for a meeting? Everyone feels anxious sometimes and the result can be headaches, stomach upset, a racing heartbeat or feeling miserably tense. At times like this, you want to calm down — but how? For ongoing anxiety, learning and practicing yoga and […]

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  • Consistent Support & Care For Adults With Alzheimer’s Disease

    Alzheimer’s Diseases is a degenerative brain disease. The most common early symptom of Alzheimer’s is trouble remembering new information, according to the Alzheimer’s Association1. As Alzheimer’s advances, symptoms get more severe and include disorientation, confusion, and behavior changes. HouseWorks Caregivers help families provide consistent routines and support for people with Alzheimer’s – at home, where […]

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  • Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Care

    When it comes time to start researching care alternatives for your loved one, it can be overwhelming. There are so many different options and different levels of care, we get it! If you are noticing subtle changes in your loved one’s health or mobility that could lead to dangerous situations, hiring Personal Care may be […]

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  • PCAs, CNAs, HHAs: Finding the Right Aide for your Needs

    When looking to hire a caregiver or home care agency for your loved one, you may have some questions about which caregiver is the right one. With options for care like Personal Care Attendants (PCAs), Home Health Aides (HHAs), and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) you may be unsure where to start. We’re here to help! […]

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