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Home Transitions

Returning home after a hospital stay usually means following a new, unfamiliar routine. Too often, patients who leave the hospital are readmitted within 30 days. Many of these are preventable with the right monitoring and private care at home.

HouseWorks can help before, during and after discharge to figure out exactly what is needed to be comfortable and safe, making the adjustment easier and helping to avoid readmission.

Whether you need a few hours of care, or round-the-clock help, HouseWorks’ Home Transition Services can help manage a return home, the place where you’ll recover best.

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  • Our Home Transition Services include:

    • Transition Planning Closed Open

      Managing the transition back home, talking to the discharge planner at the hospital or rehabilitation center, and making sure home is safe for your return.

    • Personal Care Closed Open

      Help with bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, cleaning, preparing meals, and Activities of Better Living™. Learn more

    • Health & Wellness Support Closed Open

      Coordination of medical care visits, doctor appointments, and help with medication organization & reminders.

    • Transportation Closed Open

      Bringing clients home from the hospital, driving to medical appointments, running errands, picking up medications from the pharmacy, accompanying to family events, and going grocery shopping.

I have to say, again, that I’m amazed at how well you rally to get services set up and accommodate these last minute changes. I suppose that’s the nature of elder care…unpredictable. However, please know how grateful we are that HouseWorks is here to help whenever Mom needs more support.

Daughter of HouseWorks Client Brookline, MA

Answers to your Home Transition questions

  • When my mom is being discharged from rehab, what are things I should be thinking of? Closed Open

    When your mom returns home after a stay in a rehab center, she will need a safe environment that minimizes her risk of falls, and manages transportation home, medications, and food in the refrigerator. HouseWorks can help with all of these activities to make the transition home successful.

  • When should I start talking about making plans to get my parent home from the hospital or rehab center? Closed Open

    We recommend you speak with the discharge planner as soon as your parent is admitted to the hospital or rehabilitation center. It’s important to be proactive because planning for a return home takes time. Better planning leads to a safer transition home. HouseWorks works with discharge planners to put together a safe transition plan.

  • What can I do to make sure my parent is not readmitted? Closed Open

    The best things you can do are to make sure home is a safe environment, that your parent goes to all follow-up appointments, and that they take their medications properly. These are all things HouseWorks Caregivers can do for you.

  • How soon can you be ready to provide care for my family member who is going to be discharged? Can you provide care on the day of discharge? Closed Open

    Yes, we can provide care on the day of discharge. We can meet a client in the hospital or rehabilitation center to prepare for discharge and coordinate services. We understand the urgency and work as quickly as possible to make the transition home smooth.

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