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Respite Care

Respite Care in Massachusetts

Respite Care provides family caregivers with a break from their demanding role. A personal Home Caregiver from HouseWorks can assist with meal preparation, transportation, light housekeeping, and similar responsibilities, while also providing companionship to your loved one.

Respite Care can be a great opportunity for family caregivers to get a well-deserved break. If you know that you have book club once a week, need to go visit your children on the weekend, or just need to get out, Respite Care can provide you with the ability to get away. Many primary caregivers have taken advantage of Respite Care and implemented it into their weekly routines to allow themselves to prioritize their mental health and personal life. Having a formal break from being the primary caregiver decreases caregiver burnout and allows you and your loved one to have more quality time together, rather than always feeling like you’re working.

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Respite Care Services

If your family member needs private care at home, we have Certified Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing Aides available to start right away. No matter which option you choose, your HouseWorks in-home senior Caregiver helps with:

  • Your highly-skilled Respite Care team provides:

    • Personal Assistance Closed Open

      Help with bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting and incontinence care and Activities of Better Living™ Learn more

    • Housekeeping Closed Open

      Light housekeeping, changing sheets, laundry and other assistance.

    • Medication Management & Basic First Aid Closed Open

      Medication pickup, tracking, organization and reminders, and coordination of medical care visits & appointments. Basic first aid, too.

    • Companionship Closed Open

      Studies show that companionship can help prevent social isolation and slow dementia.

    • Enrichment Closed Open

      HouseWorks Caregivers can get your loved one out of the house and into the community. Our caregivers are also trained to work with Dementia and can incorporate memory enhancing activities into their visit with your loved one.

  • What Respite Care can do for you:

    Allowing a Caregiver to take some of the family caregiving responsibilities off your plate lets you rest, restores your strength, and gives you the energy to continue.

    One main reminder about Respite Care is that it is common and healthy to know your limits and take breaks. Caregiver burn out is real and can even affect those caring for a parent whom they love. Do not feel guilty if you determine you need help, this help will allow you to take the necessary time for yourself and keep your relationship with your loved one strong.

    You help your loved one live at home safely and comfortably, but who helps you? It’s ok to need an extra hand – if only for an afternoon to breathe.

    Respite Care is important for mental health, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. At HouseWorks we offer customized care plans with Caregivers matched to a Client’s specific needs and values. Care can be as little as a few hours a day to a couple days a week and can be scheduled as needed or routinely.

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Our Caregiver makes my mom comfortable while she is there. She takes care of my mother as if she was her own. She talks to my mom with respect.

Minnie H., Daughter of HouseWorks Client

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Difference Between In-Home Care and Respite Care? Closed Open

    In-Home care is to help your loved one who requires care, while Respite Care is designed to fill-in and relieve the family caregivers. Respite care can be for as few as a few hours a day, or certain days a week, whatever is needed to allow primary caregivers to also maintain their personal lives.

  • What are typical Respite Care situations that we see? Closed Open

    Respite care tends to be a good resource for primary caregivers who are taking care of their spouse but need time off for a surgery or to take care of another family member. If a primary caregiver has a surgery coming up and knows that they will be off their feet for a few weeks, or knows they have a specific recovery period, Respite Care is available to help during their down time.

  • Can Respite Care help with Transitions? Closed Open

    Respite Care is a good option if you are trying to figure out if assisted living is right for you or your loved one. A HouseWorks Caregiver can assist with the transition while providing companionship during this major life change. Whether you hire a Caregiver for short term care as you get ready for this transition, or actually need help transitioning, we are available.

  • Am I going to be locked into a contract when I only need the occasional help? Closed Open

    With Respite Care, there is no contract. Respite Care does not have to be an ongoing service, it can be just for a specific event, only on certain days, or only for a set week. Respite Care is very flexible and can be extended based on needs which makes this option very open ended. Respite Care can be flexible if dates or times change.

  • How is the Level of Care and the Caregiver determined? Closed Open

    We assign a Case Manager to work with you and adjust care as needed. The Case Manager will do frequent check ins to make sure the level of care is adequate and that the Caregiver is the right fit. All Care Plans are customized specifically for your needs. Clients and families can always reach someone on their CareTeam – even in the middle of the night. Learn more about HouseWorks’ CareTeams

  • Do I have to leave the house when the Caregiver is working? Closed Open

    No, you do not have to leave the house. HouseWorks Caregivers can provide extra help in the house, as well as traveling to doctors appointments or errands, it can be a group effort!

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