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Holiday Checklist: Does Your Loved One Need a Caregiver?


Your dedicated team

HouseWorks CareTeams wrap our clients in a safety net of support. These professional and skilled teams oversee every detail of their client’s care plan, making sure each client has the resources they need to be safe, engaged and happy at home. They make certain our Caregivers deliver a higher standard of care, too.

Our CareTeams are actively involved in the day-to-day direction of client care. They communicate regularly with families. They look at a client’s needs from all angles. This allows us to anticipate caregiving needs and schedules, better coordinate clinical care, make home safety modifications, and support families through any challenges their loved one faces. Families have 24/7 access to someone on their CareTeam.

Meet Your CareTeam:

CareTeam Leaders

  • Favor Anoke-Samuel Case Manager

  • Hannah Godon Clinical Case Manager

  • Renecia Gunter Client Services Director

  • Tania Medeiros Client Services Director