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UPDATE COVID-19: How HouseWorks is supporting our clients and caregivers and keeping them safe.

During this time of uncertainty, learn about the extra precautions we are taking to safeguard the health of our Clients and their Caregivers. Read More

Coronavirus Response

How HouseWorks is Supporting our Clients and Caregivers and Keeping them Safe

We take the health and safety of every client seriously, and we are committed to making the home the safest place for you and your family. We recently formed a separate Covid-19 only team if your loved one tests positive.

During this time of uncertainty, we are taking extra precautions to safeguard every client’s health. We’re also focused on keeping our dependable Caregivers healthy, so they can provide you BetterCare at Home™. We are actively working to train all Caregivers in advanced infectious disease training. You can be assured that they know not to report to work if they’re sick and are equipped with extra equipment, like masks, gloves and hand sanitizer (which we are regularly sending to them).

  • How We Are Helping Clients

    • Focusing on Prevention Closed Open

      Reinforcing proper handwashing, cleaning objects and surfaces, and proper ways to cough and sneeze; requiring all Caregivers to wear gloves and surgical masks with all clients.

    • Additional Resources Closed Open

      Providing access to virtual telehealth visits, backup Caregivers in case of Caregiver illness, and linkage to community resources.

    • Addressing Social Isolation Closed Open

      Weekly updates to Clients and families with suggestions on ways to stay in engaged in life and to keep the brain sharp.

    • Preparing Caregivers Closed Open

      Requiring additional infectious disease training, providing free access to telehealth, and providing Personal Protection Equipment including masks, gloves, face shields and hand sanitizer.

    • Supporting Caregivers Closed Open

      Encouraging self-care so Caregivers can be their best, sending care packages, and providing support in case of an emergency.

  • Personal Care Available

    HouseWorks’ dependable Caregivers can be there when you can’t. We help with showering and dressing; picking up prescriptions; driving to doctor appointments – while always following the daily care plan specially made for each client.

    Personal Care

HouseWorks Ongoing Updates

Keeping you informed on our response to Coronavirus / COVID-19

  • Quick Tips For Staying Healthy Closed Open

    HouseWorks shares quick tips to keep you and your family healthy during the Coronavirus outbreak.

    Download Our Guide

  • In-Home Care for COVID-19+ Clients Closed Open

    HouseWorks has a specially trained workforce of Caregivers for COVID-19+ clients.

    Download Our Information One-Pager

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We can be at your home within 24 hours – sometimes in the same day. Talk with a HouseWorks CareTeam member who will answer your questions and guide you through your options.

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