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Learn About HouseWorks Services Resources for Community Agencies

Selecting in-home care is one of the most important decisions a family will make. HouseWorks guides them every step of the way

When done right, in-home care helps aging adults stay at the center of the life they love — whether that requires a little bit of help or 24/7 assistance.

We wrap our clients and their families in support as they make important decisions about care. We listen to their needs and make sure they’re comfortable with their decisions today — and into the future.

These materials will help families learn more about HouseWorks’ services.

A Guide to Finding Home Care

This guide offers information on how families can make informed decisions about in-home care options.

Home Transition Services

HouseWorks can help before, during and after discharge, to figure out how to make the home safe and comfortable.

Care Kits 

HouseWorks offers Care Kits for balance issues, COPD, diabetes, dementia, heart failure, pneumonia and stroke. Care Kits help clients learn about their disease and manage it at home. Kits include educational materials and supplies.


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