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BetterCare at Home

A lot has changed since we founded HouseWorks more than 20 years ago. But one thing remains the same: home is where older adults feel their safest and most comfortable. Simply put, aging at home helps seniors stay at the center of the life they love.

That’s why our BetterCare at Home™ approach works—wrapping our clients and their families in support as we guide them through every possible challenge aging at home can throw their way.

  • A personalized care experience for every client

    We assign every client to a dedicated CareTeam. Families know just who to call if they have a question or need advice. Their entire CareTeam is familiar with their loved-ones preferences and habits, their appointments and daily schedule, and their day-to-day needs. Our CareTeam works together to deliver seamless care.

    The difference:

    • A highly responsive CareTeam, available 24/7
    • A comprehensive, holistic assessment that focuses on health and wellbeing
    • A customized care plan that is regularly updated
    • Thoughtful matching between client and Caregiver
    • Activities that make life interesting and deepen the human connection
  • Skilled, dependable, and big-hearted Caregivers

    We lead the industry in our Caregiver hiring practices and carefully select only highly trained and compassionate Caregivers, Companions, Certified Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing Aides for our clients. We recognize that engaged Caregivers stay with us longer and stand strong with us to provide BetterCare at Home™.

    The difference:

    • Variety of Caregivers for every need, including Certified Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing Aides
    • Deeper, more nurturing client relationships
    • Extreme reliability and trustworthiness
    • Higher experience levels and ongoing skills training
    • Longer average tenure with HouseWorks and with each client
  • Innovative services that add a new dimension

    We refine our in-home care services to meet the changing needs of our clients and their families.

    The difference:

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