You, your aides and HouseWorks are seen by our team as an elite organization in caring for our residents.
Executive Director, Bridges By Epoch, Westwood

HouseWorks in Senior Housing

Senior housing communities select HouseWorks as their preferred provider because of our decades of experience helping residents move in, transition between settings and do whatever it takes to remain safe and engaged following a hospital or rehab stay. We ensure that everyone involved—the senior housing staff, the resident and their family, and the Caregiver—is working together to find the best solution.


HouseWorks orients every Caregiver to property-specific rules including sign-in system, parking, dress code and emergency procedures before they are assigned to a client. In our experience, a thorough orientation helps the Caregiver acclimate, the resident feel more comfortable and puts the senior housing staff at ease.


The assigned Case Manager provides housing staff with up-to-date information regarding care plans, family concerns and scheduling changes. The Case Manager is available to be on-site to attend family meetings, talk to residents who may need care and participate in senior housing transition discussions.


A Caregiver can be at a resident’s home within a few hours of the initial request for assistance—24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can fill same-day requests when a resident is discharged from a hospital or rehab with short notice. Whenever possible, we assign Caregivers who residents and staff have met before so they are 'comfortably familiar' when they sign in, escort residents to the dining room, and engage with staff and families throughout the building.


Dedicated Caregiver

Shortly after moving to an assisted living facility that specializes in dementia care, my father fell and broke his collar bone. Extremely frail and at risk for further falls and fractures, he needed to move to a nursing home unless our family could arrange for supplemental assistance. Understandably distraught, we called HouseWorks at 2:05pm. By five that afternoon a HouseWorks Caregiver was on the job. Nine months later, this dedicated Caregiver is still providing the extra assistance my father needs to stay at the assisted living facility that has become his home."

Son of HouseWorks client, Brookline

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