"You guys are the best! I can’t imagine what life would have been like if my aunt was still living alone out in the house in Lexington. It really does take a village." 

 Stuart Roseman, nephew of client Bernice Kriegsman

Our Caregivers, kind and qualified

Our Caregivers are impressive. They are highly-skilled, compassionate and reliable. Each has worked thousands of hours in homes, hospitals and rehabs. What we find truly inspiring is their innate ability to win over even the most reluctant client. Caregiver candidates must meet the highest standards to be considered for employment. Through a series of evaluation activities, we identify those individuals with exemplary home care skills and experience who demonstrate high levels of emotional intelligence and professionalism.


Screening & background checks

Each and every one of our Caregivers completes a lengthy screening process prior to being sent into a client’s home. This process includes an initial review of credentials and experience, a phone screening, skills test, two positive business references, a background check, driving record check and evidence of an updated physical exam and TB test.

In-person interviews

After passing the initial screening, candidates come to our office to meet with an interdisciplinary HouseWorks team. This group carefully evaluates the candidate’s motivation, reliability, judgment, initiative, communication skills and professionalism. A candidate must earn the unanimous recommendation of the entire panel to be offered a position at HouseWorks.


Education & training

All HouseWorks Caregivers who provide personal care services have completed a Home Health Aide or Certified Nursing Aide (or equivalent) training program. Additionally, our ongoing training curriculum focuses on developing a core foundation of knowledge related to complex care. Caregivers have embraaced our new online training tool Care Academy, a learning management system focused on helping Caregivers in the field learn new skills and deal with real-life situations.


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