Innovation is in our DNA

Fueled by a real understanding of today’s challenges, HouseWorks is committed to a fundamental re-imagining of what it means to age. Whether we are launching innovative programs such as our Dementia Care at Home or Transition2Home or engaging our community partners in visionary discussions, we listen carefully and apply all we learn to think about aging in new and different ways.

HouseWorks home care agency innovation


In 2012, HouseWorks partnered with the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare to launch the first-in-the-country Rounds® program for the home care industry. Rounds® are a place where professional caregivers and staff share their vulnerability—an opportunity for dialogue that doesn't happen any other time. These quarterly conversations are a venue to vent frustrations and talk about feelings. Rounds® also provide our Caregivers with a ‘voice at the table’ that empowers them to speak out and provides them with the confidence to make more intentional care decisions.


A “social revolution” has swept the country. Seniors want choice and control as they age, and they do not intend to wait around until someone else makes it happen. Instead, they have joined together with friends and neighbors to figure out ways to stay at home and in the communities they know and trust. Over a decade ago, HouseWorks supported the Beacon Hill Village launch, and today, continues to coach Villages through difficult launches, think through strategic alliances and support public policy to foster the movement’s growth. HouseWorks also provides in-home care to Village members throughout Greater Boston. Villages are a powerful force in paving the way for changing the face of aging.


HouseWorks’ vision is to create new options for families who want to rethink every aspect of their health care experience. We know that families want to participate in the care when it’s convenient for them, and that the integration of technology and service is absolutely necessary to create cohesive solutions to age-in-place. HouseWorks launched a family portal so families have access to a shared calendar, are able to see the HouseWorks schedule and can easily track invoices and payments. HouseWorks recently provided all of our Caregivers with a portal that allows them to easily access their schedules, care plans and directions. And that’s only the beginning……


Each year, HouseWorks hosts a series of table talks with our professional colleagues to spark real conversations about the challenges we collectively face. Whether discussing end-of-life choices, how to best cope with dementia, or technology that enhances the service experience, HouseWorks Conversations help senior housing operators, discharge planners, Geriatric Care Managers and others discover new opportunities for leadership and collaboration. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive—telling us the Conversations are practical, relevant and invigorating..


We serve on local, regional and national boards to push agendas that support health care, caregiving and aging. In 2005, HouseWorks organized the Boston Family Caregiver Town Hall Meeting—a PBS forum that was at the forefront of the movement to strengthen the voice of family Caregivers. That same year, CEO Andrea Cohen was selected as an at-large delegate to the White House Conference on Aging where she helped influence national aging policies. As the immediate past Chair of the Board of the Caregiver Action Network (formerly NFCA), Andrea had the opportunity to shape caregiver policy at a national level. The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Care, Boston Medical Center and Whittier Street Health Center are amongst the many organizations that benefit from the experience of the HouseWorks leadership team.

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