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[email protected]: Session III

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This is the third session of HouseWorks [email protected] program presented by Brian Muccio. This session will focus on strength. Brian uses household items to work different parts of the body with a variety of sizes, shapes and levels of difficulty.

Duration: 30 minutes

  • Host :

    • Casey Hayes

      Project Manager

      Casey Hayes is HouseWorks’ Product & Technology Manager. Her responsibilities include developing technology training tools.

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  • Panel :

    • Brian Muccio

      Personal Trainer

      Brian Muccio’s life work has been to help clients develop their fullest potential. His goal is to refine your brain, body, and entire nervous system’s ability to integrate movement. Over the past several years, Brian has trained individuals of every age; ranging from 10-96 years old.  The rewards from his work with the aging population come from seeing the positive changes in strength, balance, agility, and mental sharpness that can happen at any age; he believes “exercise is often the best medicine”.

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