Wednesday, November 8, 2017 -
7:30am to 10:00am


  • Location: Locke Lord LLP, 111 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA
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  • In keeping with the HouseWorks vision to create new options that impact every aspect of the health care experience, employee wellbeing is top on our minds. 

    Several years ago, we took step back and realized we are better at taking care of others when we take good care of ourselves. This inspired us to introduce practices that promote wellbeing at every level of the organization—from our Caregivers in the field to the in-office finance and scheduling teams.   Staff have a fresh perspective and are energized to keep doing what they are doing, turnover has reduced, relationships up and down the organization are stronger and our client satisfaction ratings have never been higher.  Our team has shifted from supporting illness to advancing wellness. 

    Below you’ll find information about an upcoming panel put together by The Commonwealth Institute and HouseWorks that addresses the impact a ‘mindful’ workforce has on employee performance, culture and the bottom line. Additional information and event registration can be viewed here