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Aging • Innovation Hi2 Conference: Andrea Cohen on the future of Private Home Care

Yesterday our fearless leader and CEO Andrea Cohen spoke at the Health Innovation and Investment Conference (HI2) in Chicago, Illinois where innovation, talent, and capital came together in hopes to change the future of healthcare. These healthcare visionaries have many great ideas to help improve their companies and tackle the current obstacles in the industry. Ideally, capital investors are going to help make these ideas turn into reality.

One of the most pressing issues discussed at the conference was the growing senior population. Due to the unprecedented increase in seniors, some private home care companies are experiencing a shortage of caregivers. The key word here is some and not all. HouseWorks has increased its Caregiver base from 200 to 380 in just 12 months, nearly doubling our number of caregivers to help satisfy the needs of our clients. This is only one of the many steps HouseWorks is taking in the right direction. While some fear how the industry will look in the future due to the increasing needs of seniors, HouseWorks is seizing the opportunity as a chance to grow and improve.

We have approached this growth plan by acquiring Caring Friends Home Care, a private home care company, located just outside Philadelphia’s city center. HouseWorks is working with the staff at Caring Friends Home Care to ensure its cordial service strategy, and industry-leading success follows in HouseWork’s footsteps.

Andrea took pride in speaking about HouseWorks’ growth and success, and she was able to meet industry leaders and create long-lasting connections to help benefit the private home care industry.