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Aging • Caregiving Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Care

When it comes time to start researching care alternatives for your loved one, it can be overwhelming. There are so many different options and different levels of care, we get it!

If you are noticing subtle changes in your loved one’s health or mobility that could lead to dangerous situations, hiring Personal Care may be the way to go! Personal Care can help with the not-so-little things like showering, getting dressed, medication reminders, proper nutrition, transitioning from hospital to home, driving to appointments, and more. This extra support can alleviate stress and allow your loved ones to continue to live in the comforts of their own home.

When should I start home care?

We frequently get calls after an illness or accident, but it’s better to contact us if you notice any subtle changes in your loved one’s health or mobility that might lead to a fall or present a preventable challenge. Bottom line: as soon as you have any concerns about a family member, call us. You can start with limited hours and increase as care needs grow.

How do you charge for personal care? Does insurance cover any part of it?

We charge by the hour or a flat rate for live-in care. Our services are not covered by Medicare/Medicaid. You may be eligible for reimbursement from Long-Term Care Insurance. We do not accept payment directly from Long-Term Care Insurance but are more than happy to submit any information that they need to reimburse you directly.

Why is working with HouseWorks better than hiring on my own?

Hiring a caregiver on your own has its challenges. In addition to paying a caregiver and providing supervision, you will assume liability and pay employment taxes; interview candidates, call references, and run criminal background checks; negotiate pay rates, and ensure candidates have the right skill set and training. You will also be “on-call” to deal with a crisis or a worker who has to call out sick. HouseWorks will provide all these services as part of our hourly or flat-rate fee.

Can I hire a Caregiver to help my mother, who lives in senior housing?

Absolutely, this is our specialty. We have a long history of experience working with senior housing communities and residences of all types.

How does HouseWorks match a Caregiver with my relative, who up until now has refused help?

We are always happy to offer a no-charge assessment to allow clients and families to become more comfortable with the idea of in-home care. This assessment allows us to understand the client’s personality and identify Caregivers who will be good matches for them. We have Caregivers who are experts at winning over seniors who may initially refuse care. Once a match is made, our clients and families always have the same point of contact. Learn more about our Caregivers.