Happily—as has been proven throughout our experience with clients—HouseWorks can attest that our aging-in-place focused home care services don’t result in a loss of independence. On the contrary, our home care assistance retains and reinforces genuine independence by allowing clients to feel safe, secure, well cared-for, and free from anxiety. Only then can they focus on the things that truly give them pleasure and provide their lives with a sense of fulfillment. Families can breathe more easily knowing their loved ones have home care assistance without sacrificing independence. 

Not convinced? Consider the following example:

A very elderly couple came to HouseWorks as clients. Dad’s dementia was gradually deepening and, since their adult children lived too far away to be a regular presence or act as a helping hand, Mom was left to cope alone. Between trying to stay on top of household matters and monitoring her husband to keep him safe, Mom was exhausted. But both were adamant—they wanted to stay in their own home where things were familiar, where they knew their neighbors, and where they had raised their family and felt most comfortable. Clearly, help was needed.

Following a home assessment with a HouseWorks Case Manager, the family engaged us to provide a Caregiver to spend a few hours with Dad every day. In good weather, they went for walks, and when he was well enough, they read books together and listened to music. This added assistance gave Mom the respite she needed from the “watch-dog” role with which she had been struggling. Home care services from HouseWorks gave her time to attend to her own needs without the feelings of guilt that she had been experiencing previously.

The presence of our Caregiver helped to keep Dad engaged and active both mentally and physically, while relieving Mom from the pressure of sole responsibility. For the first time in months, she was able to invite a couple of friends in for tea and benefit from renewed contact with old friends. The family enjoyed peace-of-mind knowing that our professional team would be keeping an eye on their parents and would let them know immediately if more help was needed. In turn, home care allowed Mom and Dad to continue living independently in their own home.