Yes, our HouseWorks Home Modification department can help to clean out your house. Whenever a parent dies, it can be overwhelming to think about what your next step should be and harder still to actually take action. Contacting a member of our Home Modification team is the perfect place to begin. HouseWorks goes above and beyond what a typical cleaning or housekeeping service would provide. A HouseWorks team member will come to assess the home and coordinate subsequent cleanout. If needed, we can even prepare the house for sale—making cosmetic upgrades such as painting, minor carpentry, electrical/plumbing repair, as well as heavy-duty household cleaning to ensure the house will show well. 

The HouseWorks team has extensive training working with families. We understand how to help families overcome even the most challenging situations and always treat our clients with respect and compassion. HouseWorks has extensive experience providing help for hoarders and their families, whether addressing serious clutter or health code violations that may have been caused by hoarding. Our Home Modification Team will remove and dispose of trash and unwanted items, including furniture, and can make charitable donations of items on your behalf. That said, we remain sensitive to your wishes concerning what should be saved.