Acknowledging that it may be time to get home care assistance can be daunting, yet this is one of the most important conversations you may have with a parent. Honestly assessing your own capacity as a caregiver takes courage, but is critical to everyone concerned. Regardless of how much you love your parents or how much energy you have, there may come a time when it gets to be too much. You may find you need support sooner rather than later, so HouseWorks recommends that clients begin the conversation before a crisis arises—while everyone involved can fully participate.  

An important step is to speak with your parent’s primary care doctor. Many people choose to meet privately without their parent being present; this allows you to have a frank conversation about your loved-ones’ medical status. To protect patient privacy, the physician is only able to share private healthcare information with you if your parent has given the doctor written permission to do so. Gaining permission can be taken care of right away, clearing the way for a discussion with your parent about what the future may bring and home care options.

We can answer all your questions

HouseWorks’ goal is to ease the challenges of aging so that our clients and their families can focus on those relationships, activities and interests that are most meaningful to them. If you think the time is approaching when you’ll need help – or if that day is already here – call us at 617-928-1010 or toll free at 800-928-3393. Our Case Managers are available round-the-clock to speak with you by phone. HouseWorks is also pleased to meet with you at home.

Our Case Managers will walk you through the variety of elder care services we provide and can answer any questions you may have, including those related to cost. Moreover, matching clients with the right Caregiver is a huge part of what we do at HouseWorks. Our Case Managers will work with you one-on-one to lessen your burdens, problem-solve, and create order out of chaos. HouseWorks is here to guide you through the toughest parts of helping your parent to age-in-place.

Even if you aren’t sure whether home care services are right for you, please call us. At HouseWorks, we understand how unsettling it can be to see your parent crossing that line, when frailty becomes obvious. Our goal is to help you think things through with absolutely no pressure. You don’t need to go through this alone. HouseWorks can help.