HouseWorks strongly advocates for the idea of aging-in-place. Helping elderly clients to remain engaged and present in their lives is the foundation of the HouseWorks home care service model. Health experts tell us that isolation can take a toll in many different ways, both physically and mentally. The continued ability to do errands, visit friends, attend club meetings, pick up some groceries, or simply go to the library represents a key contribution to our clients’ general well-being and to their mental health. 

HouseWorks is happy to provide non-medical transportation and can schedule rides as needed or in advance for events that occur regularly. Our Caregivers are available for trips to the barber shop or hair salon, to play bridge with friends, or just to visit their loved ones. Such outings help elderly clients maintain their independence and feel connected to the world around them, especially for seniors who have enjoyed an active social life in the past.  

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